Hello everyone! I am very excited to continue this adventure with all of you. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to write me if you have any questions!

Now that I know what I’m going to build and where, I need to find this steel box that will become my home. Shopping around really isn’t my thing, but I strongly recommend it when looking for the right container. You could order one off eBay or Craigslist, but you have no idea what you would actually end up with. I set out to see some in person to find one suitable to be my B BOX.

2017-06-01Saving money doesn’t excite me like it probably should. I want to get what I’m after very quickly and without any hassle. My favorite place to shop is a local ranch outfitter store. I can buy dog food, tools, pairs of jeans by the pound. It’s utilitarian and it’s all there. However, the B BOX is being built on a budget and I want to make sure everything goes right. I’m going to have to cut some metaphoric coupons and look for some deals here!


(Sidenote; Racking up points on club member reward cards drive me crazy. I think I say no an extra 20 times a day because of it. I don’t want the points, programs, emails or surveys! Just give me the thing I want and take my money!)

After visiting a few suppliers and making some calls, I found Louis. Louis is a guy right here in Rock Springs, Wyoming that a few people had recommended. After talking to him on the phone for about five seconds, I realized that I already knew him. Like me, he is a woodworker at heart and had visited the woodshop I used to run years ago. He immediately remembered me and invited me down to take a look at his containers for sale, but only after I agreed to go out to lunch with him.


Thirty minutes later we were at Louis’ favorite Mexican place and I quickly learned the best breakfast burrito in town can be obtained at “Ponchos” I told Louis what I was planning to do and what I needed from him. Then we headed over to look at the containers. Prepare yourself for more Wyoming charm…

2017-06-01 (1)

Rock Springs Hide and Fur” is where I found myself. This is where Louis keeps his containers for sale. Although, the wild west isn’t as wild as it used to be, there are still reminders it wasn’t that long ago!

2017-06-01 (2)

There are a few specifics I was looking for in a unit. Length, width, and height.

Length – My floor plan is designed for a unit 40’ long. Lucky for me, that’s mostly what Louis has. 20’ is too small for what I want to do. You can also get a 53’ unit but they can be awkward to move and difficult to fit in certain areas.

(Note: A 53’ unit will have to be transported with a semi truck. So it will cost more to transport. A 20’ or 40’ unit can be moved with a one ton truck outfitted with a gooseneck trailer)

Width – All containers are 8’ wide

Height – There are two standard heights, 8’ and 9’ 6”. This is the outside measurement of the unit, so you’re actual ceiling height is about 6” inches less than that. 8’ ceilings are what you’d find in a standard, modern home. 9” ceilings you will find in most modern custom homes. Louis had only a few of the extra tall boxes. I want the extra headroom for the B BOX. That extra 18 inches will make a big difference. I’ll be able to fit more upper cabinets in the kitchen, have the option to do something cool on the ceiling like beamwork and crown moulding, and will have more room for hanging light fixtures (especially ceiling fans).


While inspecting a unit that had the dimensions I wanted, I discovered that the cargo doors did not operate well. The doors on these units are extremely heavy and the hinges are welded in place. Adjusting them is a lot more work than fixing the door to your bathroom so I decided to hold out for a better unit. Most of the units I looked at, had been previously used for storage for a large construction project at a local power plant. Louis had more units still out there on location. He told me he’d find a unit just like the one I liked, but with doors that operated well. I trusted him to do just that.

The next day, Louis called to tell me he found the one and he could drop it whenever I’m ready. After making some calls of my own, I told him I’d be ready the following Monday for him to haul my new home over to my lot that I had prepared. The genuine friendliness from my man Louis is something that you’ll find a lot of in Wyoming. It’s my favorite thing about this no-mans land!

2017-06-01 (3)

Its time to get this party started!


Oooooooohhhh yeeeeaaaah